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Rosehip for a healthy life style
A healthy lifestyle can be defined, achieved and maintained in many ways. We believe diet is one of the most significant building blocks in achieving an active lifestyle – and that the RoseRichTM product range can play a significant role in accomplishing great health and vitality.
Rosehip has for centuries been known for its health promoting properties and anecdotal evidence ranges from attributing the Vikings successful voyages to good health obtained from, amongst other things, dried rosehips;  to the “rosehip-syrup-programme” during WW2 and the more recent research uncovering more and more of the secrets of rosehips
The Mapuche Indians – an indigenous people living in the Andes Mountains - have a unique culture and rely heavily on the wild rosehips that grow in these remotes mountain areas. Living in the Andes Mountains this group of people have come to appreciate the wild and natural rosehips as an integral part of their diet as well as part of their livelihood. Their community relies heavily on from income earned by handpicking these exceptional berries - the only type that is used in the RoseRichTM products. Pure and simple!

Click here to learn more about why we only use the wild Rosehips picked by the Chilean Mapuche Indians.

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